Rackwise DCiM X Cloud

RACKWISE DCiM X Cloud provides customers with all of the world-class features and capabilities found within our award-winning Enterprise DCiM X software product, as a Cloud-based solution.

Rackwise DCiM X Cloud

We have made Rackwise DCiM X available from anywhere, for any-size, and at anytime by leveraging our industry leading platform that scales massively to support very large customers within a dedicated private cloud structure, or to support many subscription customers in a shared, multi-tenant structure. The tiered subscription includes all hosting, license subscription, maintenance and technical support.

  • Convenient subscription model. Includes license, cloud fees, solution maintenance, and technical support.
  • Scales to support your growth. Start with one data center, expand to thousands.
  • Leverages the scalability, elasticity, and reliability of industry-leading Cloud service providers.
  • Get up and running immediately.
  • Choose from dedicated Cloud platform, or multi-tenant shared platform model, tailored to meet your unique requirements.
  • Services that include Training, Data Importation, Integration (with ANY system in your environment), and data conversion from any competing DCIM solution are available (but not required).

It is a proven fact that no competitor can match our comprehensive DCIM feature set, nor can any come remotely close to our value proposition in either technical performance or price. Ask us about Rackwise DCiM X Cloud.


  • Green Data Center - Rackwise Green Data Center automated calculations and trending reports provide tremendous resources for illustrating and validating the positive impacts of greening a data center.
  • Capacity Planning - Leverage Rackwise capacity planning to accurately determine present capacity and plan for the future.
  • Fault Impact Analysis - Rackwise provides the tools to simulate failure of major power infrastructure components and determine the impact of those failures.
  • Trend and Historical Reporting - Use Rackwise Trend and Historical features to track, trend, and predict future resource consumption.
  • Virtual Machine Modeling - Rackwise Virtual Machine Modeling provides the features and functions necessary to effectively manage virtualization in the data center.
  • Visualization - Rackwise provides the visualizations to understand status and configurations.
  • Asset Management - Rackwise asset management provides the essential documentation for managing the data center.
  • Power Management - Rackwise Power Management provides the essential features for managing the data center power infrastructure.
  • Cable Management - Rackwise cable management provides the tools to effectively manage cabling in the data center.
  • Real Time Monitoring - Rackwise real time monitoring provides the capability to monitor data from the real world environment.
  • Modeling - Rackwise modeling allows for the modeling of data center consolidations, migrations, or modeling of new data centers.
  • Business Analytics - Rackwise facilitates the analysis of operational costs of business services by geographical location, customer, application, by device, or any user-configurable property.


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