RACKWISE DCiM Xtm provides critical visualization of your data center environment including floor plans, rack enclosures, floor-mounted equipment, devices, subcomponents, and subcomponent modules.

Data Center Visualization


  • Web Browser Interface
  • Top Down Views of the Data Center
  • Rollover rack status bubbles for quick access to critical energy and capacity information
  • Customizable color coded rack status dashboard for power, heat, amperage availability, port availability, space
  • Inspect and edit power-chain via Single-Line Power Diagrams
  • Drill through to front/rear Rack Elevations
  • Drill through to front/rear Device views
  • Device representation matches device configuration for (NIC cards, disk drives, line cards, blades, etc.)

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    RACKWISE DCiM X SmartClienttm

  • Plugs into Microsoft Visio and Excel to leverage these user interfaces for intuitive, ease-of-use asset visualization and modeling
  • Drag and drop devices or components and/or subcomponents into racks and equipment
  • Top down data center design
  • Front rear rack design
  • Interactive visual resource consumption status displayed while designing

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As the industry’s flagship Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software, RACKWISE DCiM Xtm is a platform of crucially important and integral DCIM features that are leveraged by several hundred businesses and government customers worldwide to manage, measure, track, plan, and optimize operational efficiency, as well as reduce costs of their Enterprise IT and Data Center infrastructures.


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